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Kyle Christensen

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I'm a full stack software developer with an emphasis on modern React and Typescript. I thrive on the challenge of taking a project from requirements through technical design and implementation.

I'm looking to join a software team where I can find mentorship and feedback on what I know and what I don't know. I'm excited to solve novel problems and gain the insight that one can only get from working day to day on projects with people who are as deeply committed to their work as I am.

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Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Frontend Developer

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Kyle Christensen

Kyle Christensen

Backend Developer




  • CBTree is a web application for creating and managing CBT thought records.
  • The front end is a React TypeScript application with strict typings and numerous custom type guards.
  • Designed, tested and implemented 14 distinct responsive pages.
  • Advanced use of custom hooks for API logic, form state logic, theming and authentication.
  • Implemented full user management scheme with context api, and a custom auth hook backed by JWT.
  • The back end is a RESTful FastAPI Python CRUD application backed by a document based store.
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About Me

I've always had a passion for solving problems, technical and mechanical. I've had many roles in that vein, from developing a paperless filing system to teaching children how to code. I spent the last few years as a bike courier, and while I enjoyed the constant challenge of optimizing routes, I felt unchallenged intellectually. I started coding again and quickly realized that this is what I was missing. I started spending my spare time studying, improving my skills, and helping others online, eventually developing multiple open source personal projects with the aim of becoming a full time software developer.

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Please reach out if you'd like to discuss a project, job, or just a tough problem you'd like help tackling.